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I’m a writer and First Class Honours Journalism (BA) graduate from London College of Communication UAL.


My writing ranges from corporate copy to journalistic features and essays, usually centred around about philosophy, feminism, social justice, creativity, nature, death and mental health.

I'm also the founder of Cringe, an independent magazine exploring shame and self-consciousness through writing and art.


December 2023 - to date

Communications Executive for University of the Arts London

In my current role as Communications Executive, I work with the university's external communications and digital team to drive traffic to our Showcase platform, where we spotlight work by recent graduates. This involves increasing student engagement with the platform as well as increasing visibility of their profiles amongst industry professionals and potential creative collaborators.

September 2021 - November 2023

Communications Assistant for University of the Arts London

As a communications assistant for the central communications team at University of the Arts London, I assisted the internal, external and student communications executives on ad-hoc communications and annual campaigns, including awareness campaigns, which communicate the university’s social purpose and seek to improve the student experience. I also assisted on internal and external communication for students and staff through our internal platforms and social media. Towards the end of my first year, I started leading on data and reporting within the team to help colleagues measure the impact of our work and enable better forward planning.

6th & 7th November 2021

University Advisor for InvestIn's Young Writer Programme

InvestIn reached out to me to take part in their Young Writer Weekend which gives students aged 15-18 an immersive experience of creative writing, publishing, marketing and editing. Across 2 days, I assisted in hosting seminars, workshops and Q&A sessions about the writing and publishing industry, and offered insight into my own experiences.

February 2022- April 2022

Project Assistant for Climate Emergency Network

In collaboration with UAL’s Climate Emergency Network, I helped conceptualise ideas for Earth Day, and led on my own project as part of the event which was hosted across our sites. This work also included creating social media assets for team members to ensure brand consistency across all projects for Earth Day, as well as supporting with communications and PR to encourage participation with our events.

May 2021 - continuously embedded in my work as communications assistant for UAL

Content Assistant (Arts Temp) for Knowledge Exchange

As content assistant for Knowledge Exchange (KE) at University of the Arts (UAL), I worked with the university's KE Communications Executive to create content to spotlight research and Knowledge Exchange activities of UAL students, staff and external partners.

April 2021 - May 2021

Freelance Contributing Writer for Hey Gurl

I wrote a wide variety of blog-style articles and social media copy with compelling calls to action for a start-up app called Hey Gurl. This work involved pitching and outlining copy ideas that their target audience would relate to, as well as sourcing images to accompany my articles.

December 2020 - March 2020

Media Assistant for Multiplii

Multiplii is a tech start-up that offers a calendar-integrated nudge tool for people interested in self-development.

From conducting market research and analysis to writing blog posts about habit formation and leadership, I assisted them in various media-related tasks. This also included customer relationship management and outlining social media strategies for our blog posts and audience growth.

October 2017 - May 2018

Freelance Writer for Peterborough Loves

Peterborough Loves was a website reporting local, positive news and events around Peterborough. My role included sourcing ideas, conducting research and interviews, and writing and editing features for the website, as well as taking photographs to accompany my articles.

June 2017 - July 2017

Intern for Peterborough Telegraph

While completing my BTEC in multimedia studies at Peterborough Regional College, I had the opportunity to gain work experience at the local newspaper. I learned how to write stories based on press releases, contact the subjects of stories for quotes, had the chance to source my own stories, and published an opinion piece on the importance of mental health support in schools.

June 2016 - July 2016

Freelance Journalist for Re Avisa

I sourced story ideas for my local newspaper in Norway, conducted interviews on-scene, wrote stories according to the prescribed editorial style for both print and online, and shot images accompanying my features.

February 2015 - February 2016

District Committee Leader for Operasjon Dagsverk

I became the district committee leader for Operasjon Dagsverk, a solidarity organisation predominantly run by students, a year after volunteering for my school’s committee where I was first introduced to the organisation.


I delegated responsibilities and overshadowed the work of my team, as well as that of the school committees we had oversight over, planned and executed events with my team members, arranged educational seminar weekends for students, held presentations at schools and reached out to media organisations to promote our work.


September 2019 - June 2022

BA Journalism — London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle

September 2015 - June 2017

Media and Communications (BTEC) —Peterborough Regional College, Peterborough

High Achiever Award

I received this award for my academic accomplishments at Peterborough Regional College, landing me the opportunity to attend a workshop with the Media Matters team in Peterborough.

Freelance writer

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